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Rating:R Created:2012-09-07
Genre:General Updated:2013-02-06
Style:Fantasy Status:Incomplete
Setting:Alternate Universe

Schrodingerís Captive (PHP)
Foreign Correspondent (PHP)
Counting the Cost of Collateral Damage (PHP)
Daughter of Darkness (PHP)
Time Spin (PHP)
Foothold Situation (PHP)
Dark Axis Strike Force (PHP)
Under Siege in the Dark Kingdom (PHP)
Raymore (PHP)
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Dark Days (PHP)
Axis of Darkness (PHP)


A mighty struggle breaks out between powerful forces all seeking to take the Dark Kingdom for their own agendas.

Tetis is a loose cannon with plans of her own, playing off one opponent against the other, as she creates a deadly new super soldier to claim Jadeite's old stomping ground after Beryl banishes him yet another prepares to throw his hat into the ring to turn everything on its head.

amid the chaos, Usagi travels to Bagdad as Juuban Jnr. High School's foreign correspondent to prove to her senshi and herself that she is a worthy leader, but has she jumped from the frypan into the fire?

Author's Comments:

A what if with a twist, I got the idea for this from several sources, mostly sci-fi and fantasy-horror, a little Stargate Atlantis through the 'Michael Arc and his monsters.'

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