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Like the Wind (PHP)


We know what Haruka's thoughts are about how they met, but what about Michiru? What does she think? What did she feel about meeting Haruka, about her duty, and what lies beneath that poise and elegance? A lot more than most people think.

Author's Comments:

This is the oldest story of mine that is on the net. I wrote it when I was only eighteen (I'm nearly 24 now).

When you look at the manga and anime, you find that much of the information we have on Michiru comes from Haruka. Michiru doesn't volunteer information on herself and we rarely see things from her point of view. So I wanted to find out about her thoughts and feeings. Michiru is often called 'perfect', because she is the epitome of what a woman 'should' be: graceful, gracious, talented and beautiful, yet always feminine. Just as Haruka is completely the opposite of society's feminine ideal: but beneath the surface confidence, even arrogance, Haruka is incredibly insecure. And just as Haruka's arrogance is only the first layer of her personality, so is the poise and elegance only the surface of Michiru. Anybody who lives near the sea or has spent time with it knows that though the surface may be calm, the sea is always moving underneath. Sometimes the currents are deadly. If you take that as an allegory of Michiru, what does it say about her?

On an entirely different note: does this song fit Haruka or what? I was surprised that nobody else had done a songfic on it, although, when I wrote this story, the 'S' season hadn't yet been dubbed. That shows you how old it is. ^^; Another Michiru story that people might like to read if this whets their appetite is blue's 'Cocoon of the Butterfly'.

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Review by Dejana Talis 2006-07-12

First of all, I LOVE the atmosphere of this story. Your writing style wraps the reader in a feeling of graceful elegance that gives a perfect window into Michiru's soul. Your take on the origins of her personality makes so much sense that I can't tell what is canon and what is invented. Michiru is such a closed-off person in both the manga and the anime, more so than any other Senshi (except perhaps Pluto), and it's fascinating to read what is going on inside her head and behind closed doors. In... (more)

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