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Rating:G Created:2005-10-30
Genre:Angst Updated:2007-04-12
Style:Character Study Status:Complete

Cry-baby (PHP)


How can somebody be a cry-baby and be so happy? What are the thoughts of Tsukino Usagi as she prepares for what may be the last day of her life? A short story about the battle between hope and despair.

Author's Comments:

There aren't many stories which have Usagi as their main character, and there are hardly any which centre on the manga Usagi in Stars - the Usagi who suffers the loss of her friends one after the other, who is left to fight with four people she's only just met.

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Review by scatterak 2011-08-28

I rarely ever see pieces that examine Usagi in such an honest manner. I don't see a lot of good character studies focusing on her, at least ones that don't exaggerate or change her, which is a shame because I kind of love her as she is. Well done.
Review by Bella*Luna 2006-09-14 I feel...sad, worried, a longing for comfort.

I haven't read the manga. I've only just recently scene the Stars season of the anime. Your story was amazing. Just long enough to pull you and make you thihnk about what is going to happen. What this old soul is dealing with. It was really great.
Review by Kihin Ranno 2006-06-26

First of all, congratulations on making first person not sound contrived and ridiculous. It is a feat I have yet to accomplish, and I envy people who can do it well.

I also really like that the sentences are short and rather simple. There's no Usagi waxing poetic or getting deeply philosophical. It's very much like how I'd expect Usagi to think.

Other likeable lines were "calm as glass (damn you and your metaphors. They fill me with envy. :P)" and "If I grew too... (more)

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