General Library: Senshi Chronicles 1 Aki by Loki

Rating:R Created:2007-08-25
Genre:Drama Updated:2012-09-06
Style:Fantasy Status:Complete
Setting:Alternate Universe

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Crystal Legacy (PHP)
New Friends (PHP)
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Cross Purposes in Time (PHP)
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Love is spoken in words, but it is also expressed in our loving (epilogue) (PHP)


Where had the senshi and shitennou come from before the Silver Millenium and what is their fate, all this and more will be explored in a chronicle spanning the vast distances of time and space and the mysterious Crystal Nexus and the lesser known Fractious Realm where anything is possible.

Author's Comments:

I have created this story in three arcs,1: Aki, 2: Death of Innocence, featuring the Mauan Home World and its role in events surrounding Earth, the planetary Kingdoms of past and present, 3: Celestial Odyssey, the future and the thrilling conclusion.

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Review by Jessica Pendragon 2007-11-17

Okay so I've read up to Chapter Four here and I wanted to leave you a review! Because who doesn't love reviews? ;)

Obvious pros: This story has a rich history with so many different characters and worlds you've crafted. Every world is unique and breathtaking, and the new characters are interesting and seem to fit in with the usual crowd. There's a lot of twists and plots coming together already that I imagine will make further chapters very intriguing. So far it's had its fair sha... (more)

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