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Rating:R Created:2007-09-29
Genre:Drama Updated:2012-01-18
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Ignorance is Bliss (PHP)
Building Bridges (PHP)
We Meet At Last (PHP)
Dinner for Six...Minus One (PHP)
What We Say and What We Mean (PHP)
Tumbling Further Down the Rabbit Hole (PHP)
Meet(ings) with Disaster (PHP)
Self-Destruct in 3,2,1... (PHP)
The Queen of Hearts and The Foolish Prince (PHP)
Burning Bridges (PHP)
He Who Hesitates... (PHP)
The Game of Love (PHP)
The Edge of Unreason (PHP)
Don’t Cut the Wires, Let the Clock Run Out (PHP)
The Ribbons That Bind Us (PHP)
Partying is Such Sweet Sorrow (PHP)
Finale, Now We Can Begin (PHP)


There was more than one love story during the Silver Millennium.

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Review by VO1 2009-07-14

I can't really process anything besides 'Write more please" so um, "WRITE MORE PLEASE!" This story is utterly captivating, and the background and universe set up is superb. You've got me hooked and I need more cowbell.
Review by waterflu 2007-11-20

I sense an epic coming! It has a great start, the oracle idea was great. And I like the pace the story is going. Looking forward to reading more!
Review by bin82501 2007-11-18

Ah Ms. P, I sense another fine piece of fan literature. I can't wait for more unravel. Keep up the good work.

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