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Rating:PG Created:2008-04-05
Genre:Action Updated:2009-12-13
Style:General Status:Incomplete
Setting:Alternate Universe

The Ultimate Rare Card, Dark Armed Dragon (PHP)
The Warrior Deck of the Friendly Roommate, Chiba (PHP)
The Challenge from the ’Blitzkrieg Queen’ (PHP)
The Blinding Light of Judgment Dragoon (PHP)
Tenjouin vs. Kiyotaki: An Unplayable Card (PHP)
A Legend and a Dragon: Shougo’s Memory (PHP)
I’m From Hollywood! The Aloof American Duelist (PHP)
Awaken! The Ocean Dragon Lord Neo-Daedalus (PHP)
The Friend Shouldering the Darkness! Chiba’s Ante Duel (PHP)
The True Form Revealed! Holy Sword Gear Freed (PHP)
Destiny Rewritten! Dark Armed Dragon vs. D-HERO Deck (PHP)
Shougo’s Pinch! Dark Angel Zerato Arrives (PHP)
The Unrepentant Pride of a Duelist! Burn, Flame Spirit Ignis! (PHP)
Shougo’s Shadow Game (PHP)
The Never-Ending Battle! The Will to Fight (PHP)
Mark vs. Toragami! The Insufficient Belief (PHP)
The Paradox of Fate! Judgment Dragoon VS Blue Ice White Nights Dragon (PHP)
A Desperate Search! Countdown to a Battle of Destiny (PHP)
White Night Heart: Asuka’s Compromise (PHP)
No Regrets! White Veil, Activate (PHP)
Return of Genex! The Deadly Shadow Reveals Itself (PHP)
Do or Die! An Impossible Choice (PHP)
Ganryu vs. Chiba: The Way of the Warrior (PHP)
For the Sake of Honor! The Combo of Certain Death (PHP)
TIME OVERLAP! Judai vs. Toragami (PHP)
The Power of the Human Heart! The Light of Ruin, Judgment Dragoon (PHP)
The Unseen Tears! The Legacy of Yuuki Judai (PHP)
Storm in the Clouds! The Battle Tactics of the Lovesick Duelists (PHP)
The Caged Girl, the Boy in Flight (PHP)
A Duelist’s Pride?! Mark vs. Katsuki, One More Time (PHP)
Questions without Answers, the Truth of the Illuminati (PHP)
Elimination Rounds Complete! The Pitiless Duel, Tenjouin vs. Almaz (PHP)
The Sins of the Fathers, Even Unto the Seventh Generation... (PHP)
The Last Dark Game! The Unreasonable Dream Duel (PHP)
The Hope of the Dark World, Aoyama Shougo (PHP)
Preparation for the Finals! The Sixty Card Rule (PHP)
The Self’s Motivation! Tahuru’s Promise (PHP)
The Limits of Omniscience! Aino vs. Toragami (PHP)
Stolen Youth, Forsaken Smile (PHP)
One (PHP)


A sequel to Yu-Gi-Oh! GX taking place fifteen years after the last episode.

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Review by Loki 2009-03-19

This was a most compelling read, and I am glad to know it is cintinuing on, arcs in epics are good value as these tend to reflect how characters evolve and their lives, challenges and all that.

I remember the Yu-gi-oh series and enjoyed it, the English dub and its arcs, though I suspect the GX series also that sprang from it has a lot of potential for fanfiction innovation. I forgot how addictive those duels are. :)

I think your world building is great, and your des... (more)

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