General Library: Mommy Please Love Me: Story of a Crystal Princess by Loki

Rating:PG13 Created:2009-01-19
Genre:Angst Updated:2009-09-10
Style:Fantasy Status:Complete
Setting:Alternate Universe

Dark Days (PHP)
Burning Blossoms (PHP)
Love Me (PHP)
Oh Little Girl (PHP)
Chibi-Chibiís Secret Visitor (PHP)
Differences (PHP)
Locket (PHP)
Dream Makers (PHP)
Meeting (PHP)
Book II Still Doll (PHP)
Pirate Cats (PHP)
Parlor Games: the Confrontation (PHP)
Powers of Love Part I (PHP)
Powers of Love Part II Torture Chamber (PHP)
The Integral Dream (Epilogue) (PHP)


Serenity, the once Small Lady, now a beautiful woman and queen, is estranged from her daughter, affectionately known as, Chibi-Chibi.

Adding to the tragic circumstances that had brought about this estrangement, an old enemy, one from within, re-emerges in the form of Black Lady. Will mother and daughter overcome this bringer of darkness and defend the Crystal Kingdom from the threat she represents?

Author's Comments:

This story is a collaboration between Sheepish Kitty formerly of Arias Ink, we worked together on Book I and I solely on Book II after she decided to concentrate on her art and animation career - enjoy!

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